Women's Campaign at Oxford University

About WomCam

What is WomCam?

WomCam (or Women’s Campaign) is an autonomous campaign supported by OUSU. We are a feminist society that organizes events, raises awareness of issues and creates a platform for feminist discussion. We also act as a resource and publicity tool for other similar events in Oxford.

Anything else I should know?

Just one more thing. At WomCam, we place a lot of emphasis on intersectionality. It’s a big word and we know it can look scary at first, but it’s really simple. People are oppressed in lots of different ways: be it from their gender identity, their sexual orientation, the colour of their skin, their (dis)ability, their level of education…the list goes on. Being intersectional means taking those different forms of oppression into account.

How do I become involved?

During term time, we meet on Mondays in uneven weeks from 7 – 8.15pm in Wadham. We meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and are always happy to see new faces. So please join us at any time, even if you haven’t been to WomCam before!

Want to find out more about our events and projects?

That’s why we have a termcard!

Contact us

You can contact Rebekka, the Women’s Campaign Officer at womensofficer@ousu.org! We love to hear from you.


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